Rattan Bag For Summer, Rattan Round Bag, Beach Bag

Rattan bag: Handmade

Materials: Leather, Rattan

Can be used anytime, anywhere






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Information about the rattan bag:

This is a handmade bag made by artisans in Vietnam.

The bag is made of natural rattan fiber, no chemicals, so the color is natural, beautiful and does not affect health. The meticulous, regular knitting lines make it very solid but no less delicate. If you are a stylish person who loves eco-friendly products, you cannot ignore this bag.

This summer rattan bag pairs perfectly with a dress or simply with a T-shirt and jeans. You can combine it with a Ne-Yuh rattan hat and Ne-Yuh leather sandals to complete a summer outfit that is dynamic, personality and has its own charm.

This bag is not only suitable for going to the beach, but also suitable for going out with your friends, your relatives or go shopping. Because of its compact size, you can take it with you anywhere, anytime. It’s convenient, isn’t it?

Product information:

– Bag diameter 20cm, Width: 8cm.

– Leather shoulder strap length: 120cm.

– The bag has a strong zipper, inside with lining and dust bag included.

Don’t hesitate to own a unique handmade rattan bag.

About rattan material:

Rattan and bamboo are two types of materials that have been used for a long time in Vietnam. They can make many household items such as rattan baskets, rattan chairs, rattan swings, rattan beds and rattan nets. And that’s why the rattan nets in Vietnam are very skilled.

The product is made entirely by hand, for bleaching type, it is inspected and corrected after being bleached from natural rattan.

About our company – Partner and I rattan cane:

Partner and I rattan cane is a supplier of many quality bamboo and rattan products. With a team of experienced staff, professional working style, quality and diversified products. We promise to bring great experiences to our customers.

Sales commitment: quality products, reasonable prices, fast shipping time. If there are any difficulties in receiving the goods, the staff will solve them immediately.

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