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Spline for Basket Weaving, Cane for Repair Rattan Chair


In this listing, sold in 100g (~80metrs), each strands around 6ft-7ft, the rope diameter is less than 3mm.

Ships from a small business in Vietnam

Materials: natural rattan splines





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Information about the spline:

In this listing, sold in 100g (~80metrs), each strands around 6ft-7ft, the rope diameter is less than 3mm.

The rattan spline is hand-woven by our women, not machine-woven with care and attention to detail.

It is easy to use, perfect for making baskets, and repair wicker furniture. It is natural, soft and no cracking when we weaving. This product has natural ingredients, is handmade, not machine. So you can use it in your family without worrying about health problems.

Each order I will cut you 20cm more to avoid loss during packaging. Because to avoid moisture causing mold, the product will be covered with paper to absorb moisture, then coated with a plastic film outside to protect.

Delivery time from 2-4 weeks depending on the region, or the situation of disease in your locality.

For wholesale purchase you message me for the best price.

About rattan material:

Rattan and bamboo are two types of materials that have been used for a long time in Vietnam. People can make many household items such as rattan baskets, rattan chairs, rattan swings, rattan beds and rattan nets. And that’s why the rattan nets in Vietnam are very skilled.

Today, people use bamboo and rattan material a lot in life and they are becoming a trend. Bamboo and rattan products are loved by natural materials, without chemicals. In addition, the products are also meticulously handcrafted, meeting the strict requirements of customers.

About our company – Partner and I rattan cane

Partner and I rattan cane is a supplier of many quality rattan products. With a team of experienced staff, professional working style, quality and diversified products. We promise to bring great experiences to our customers.

Sales commitment: quality products, reasonable prices, fast shipping time. If there are any difficulties in receiving the goods, the staff will solve them immediately.

We have a warehouse in the US, can ship from the US or from the factory in Vietnam. 

In addition, we can supply all rattan furniture, you can see more rattan products at:

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