How to DIY rattan furniture?

Rattan cane webbing is natural material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic to health, so there are many options for self-designing household items. Do you know how to DIY rattan furniture? Please refer to the following ways.

How to DIY rattan furniture
How to DIY rattan furniture

1. What you need to prepare to design yourself?

You need rattan roll (hexagon rattan cane webbing, natural rattan weave radio, bleached rattan, dark brown rattan,…), scissors to cut the rattan cane into the desired size, pins or glue to fix.

Depending on your preferences and colors, you can choose from different types of rattan cane. Basically they are cheap and very easy to use.

2. Let’s start to DIY your rattan products

Once you have the things you want to make, you can cut the rattan blinds into different sizes, suitable for the objects to be made such as cabinet doors, headboard covers,…

Then secure them with pins to secure.

You can refer to the following ideas:

– DIY Cane Candle Holder

Alternatively, you can use a rattan curtain to wrap the candlesticks. This is also an idea that many people apply to increase the aesthetics of the product.

You only need a small piece of cloud that is equivalent to the size of the candlestick. After that, wrap the rattan curtain close to the candle body and fix it. Or with small candles, you just need to make a cylinder and put the candle in the middle.

– DIY rattan earrings holder

You can make a rattan curtain to hang earrings and jewelry. This is also a pretty unique idea, which is very easy to do.

You choose a rattan curtain with the size of about 20 x 20 cm, stretch the rattan, fix 4 edges to 4 small wooden panels. then you need to make a support to support this rattan. So just need simple steps to make a jewelry hanging.

– DIY rattan starburst mirror

For this product, you need to have spline to bend them into the desired round shape. You bend the rattan spline into a circle or sphere you like, decorate it more and place the mirror in the center of that circle.

Here are some suggestions when designing the rattan cane webbing yourself that you can refer to. And it is the answer for How to DIY rattan furniture? The rattan webbing and your idea cane help you make a beautiful  rattan furniture.
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