Cane Rattan 24″, Natural Hexagon, High Quality, Caning Chair, DIY

Materials: Rattan (Natural Hexagon), Color: dark brown
Width: 24 inches
Cut to size: Yes
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Hello, thank you for your interest in my product – Natural Hexagon rattan cane.

Information bout the Cane Rattan

Width 24 “(60cm, inner edge of weave), length in feet, buy more save more.

Delivery time is 5 – 15 days, depending on the region or the disease situation in your area. If you need fast delivery by UPS, DHL .. please message me.

Since it’s easy to mold in the presence of steam, I’ll wrap it in a layer of newspaper, and the outside is a plastic layer.

Rattan cane is easy to use, perfect for making baskets, and repair wicker furniture. It is natural, soft and no cracking when we weaving. This product has natural ingredients, is handmade, not machine. So you can use it in your family without worrying about health problems.

About rattan material:

Rattan is a material grown in Vietnam and some countries in Asia, used to knit and produce furniture to replace natural wood. Because of their high durability and aesthetics, rattan products are very popular all over the world, and because they are handmade, so the output we make is always not enough to provide for demand.

Rattan and bamboo are two types of materials that have been used for a long time in Vietnam. They are made of many household items such as rattan baskets, rattan chairs, rattan swings, rattan beds, rattan nets. And that’s why the rattan nets in Vietnam are very skilled.

About our company

Partner and I rattan cane is a supplier of many quality bamboo and rattan products. With a team of experienced staff, professional working style, quality and diversified products. We promise to bring great experiences to our customers.

We have a warehouse in the US, can ship from the US or from the factory in Vietnam. 

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Thank you very much to see the cane rattan product.

Additional information


1 Feet (US15.00$), 3 Feet (US$39.00), 6 Feet (US$75.00), 9 Feet (US$109.00), 12 Feet (US$139.00), 15 Feet (US$169.00), 18 Feet (US$189.00), 24 Feet (US$229.00), 30 Feet (US$265.00), 36 Feet (US$299.00), 48 Feet (US$380.00)

2 reviews for Cane Rattan 24″, Natural Hexagon, High Quality, Caning Chair, DIY

  1. Shana

    They shipped my order fast! I received it within days and the seller was easy to communicate with. I will definitely buy my rattan webbing from rattan fabric again! They were communicative the whole way and shared tracking info so I knew when my order was arriving

  2. Karen

    Have ordered a few times from this seller under their previous shop, Awesome Vietnam. Great quality product as always.

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