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45cm (18″) Wide, Rattan Cane Radio Weave, Sell By Running feet

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45cm (18″) Wide, Rattan Cane Radio Weave, Sell By Running feet

Information about the Webbing Roll

Thank you for your interest in 45cm (18″) Wide, Rattan Cane Radio Weave, Sell By Running feet.

Width: 45cm (18″),
Length:from 1 feet to 49 Feet (590 inches= 1500 cm= 15m.)
Length: Cut to size


1 = 45cm (18″) WIDTH x 1 feet (30.48 cm) LENGTH

2 = 45cm (18″) WIDTH x 2 feet (61 cm) LENGTH

3 = 45cm (18″) WIDTH x 3 feet (91.5 cm) LENGTH
49 = 45cm (18″) WIDTH x 49 feet (1500 cm) LENGTH

Square rattan

Rattan is widely grown in Vietnam and some Asia, is an abundant source of raw materials for wickerwork and furniture production to replace natural wood.

Rattan can make rattan baskets, rattan chairs, swing, rattan, rattan net. These products are handmade, high quality, environmentally friendly, so they are highly preferred by a lot of people.
Because of the natural source, non-toxic, the product is prone to mold when there is steam, there will be newspaper and plastic when transporting.
DELIVERY: from 5-15 days, depending on the area or the situation where you live.

About our company – Partner and I rattan cane

Partner and I rattan cane is a supplier of many quality rattan products. With a team of experienced staff, professional working style, quality and diversified products. We promise to bring great experiences to our customers.

Commitment to purchase satisfaction: Our experienced, enthusiastic, and friendly staffs are ready to listen, support and accompany you in your journey of BRING ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS TO THE COMMUNITY.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have a warehouse in the US, can ship from the US or from the factory in Vietnam.

You can see more rattan products HERE or OUR BOOTH AT ESTY.

Thank you so much for your interest in the cane webbing roll.


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