Top criteria when choosing bamboo and rattan furniture

Items made from bamboo and rattan are no longer strange to lovers of environmentally friendly furniture. Currently, bamboo and rattan furniture has many diverse designs. So to choose a product suitable for your family needs to depend on what criteria? You can read the necessary information through the article below.

rattan furniture

Rattan furniture

1. Price of the rattan furniture

Bamboo and rattan furniture stands out with natural materials and abundant production materials. So the price of the products is usually cheaper than other materials such as wood, etc. Each product depends on the size and different design, so the cost is different. Therefore, customers should choose products that are suitable for their family space, also consider the right price.

2. Durability of rattan products

Rattan and bamboo materials have the characteristics of toughness, firmness and durability over time. Therefore, the product is quite durable and limits the degree of damage. When buying, customers need to pay attention to the following factors: sturdy frame, withstand great force; careful, even knitting; secure connections.

3. Size and shape

You should choose products that are the right size and style to fit your family’s living space so that the overall space is perfect. Choosing products with the right size and design will increase the positivity and bring newness to your home.

4. How to preserve the rattan furniture?

Rattan furniture is easy to maintain. You should limit sunlight, rain water to avoid mold, insects. Cleaning should be done regularly to avoid dirt, the product is always like new.

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5. Advantages and disadvantages of furniture

The advantages of the furniture are:

– Natural materials, environmentally friendly products;

– Sophisticated, beautiful design and refined by artisans;

– Diverse models, many styles: antique and modern,…;

– Fairly light weight and easy to move;

– Easy to clean and maintain;

– The price is very reasonable compared to other materials.


– Vulnerable to termites and mold if exposed to rain and sunlight.

Each product has a different design will have its own characteristics. You need to research carefully to get the best furniture when you buy it.

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