Tips for cleaning rattan cane furniture

Many families choose rattan cane furniture because they are environmentally friendly. So in the process of using, how to clean the furniture properly? Here are some tips for cleaning rattan furniture in order to make them always look like new.

rattan cane furniture

Rattan cane furniture

1. For small stains

The furniture will appear stains, musty smell if the weather is humid or rainy for many days.

For small stains, cleaning rattan items is so easy. You can use You can use a clean, dry cloth and gently wipe, the stains will disappear immediately.

2. For big stains

If the wicker furniture is too dirty, you should use a clean cloth soaked in water to wipe it, then wipe it with a dry cloth. This needs to be done repeatedly. You should choose a sunny day, and take the rattan furniture out to dry in the yard.  The rattan products will easily become clean and keep a longer life.

3. Protect rattan cane furniture from insect bites

Insects such as termites, caterpillars and butterflies will easily destroy the structure of bamboo and rattan products. So you need to get rid of them by injecting kerosene into those spots and holes many times until you notice that no more insects can appear.

4. Preserve the furniture right from the moment you buy it

When you first buy rattan furniture, to keep them new and beautiful for a long time, you should not paint or glaze to change the original color of the clouds. You should use teak oil – a wood treatment oil. This oil helps the product stay fresh, and prevents mold and insect damage.

5. Rattan cane furniture placement

An equally important issue to protect furniture is choosing the right placement. Please stay away from places with high humidity or near water sources. You should choose high and airy areas: living room, bedroom, stairs… That will protect rattan products, not fade their colors.

Above are some tips to help you clean and protect rattan cane furniture and make them always beautiful.

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