The secret to preserving rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is produced from natural materials, no preservatives, environmentally friendly. That’s why during use, if you don’t know how to preserve it, it will get moldy, yellow,… The following article by Partner and I will share the secret to preserving rattan furniture beautifully.

rattan furniture


Rattan furniture

1. Reading the rattan furniture carefully before buying

Before reaching customers, the furniture has undergone many stages of preliminary processing, removing dirt and worms. Customers should find out if the product has been dried, how long is the drying time, is the risk of mold and mildew high?

When there is enough information about the product, customers will surely have the optimal solutions to preserve their family’s furniture.

2. Regular cleaning and sanitizing

If handled correctly, the product has a very long durability. However, this product is very hydrophobic because it is susceptible to termites and mold. So when cleaning, pay attention to:

– Should be cleaned with a small brush or soft cloth, avoid strong scratches;

– Limit the use of water, detergents such as soap when cleaning that damage the surface of the product;

– Clean items at least once a year, you can use the machine to vacuum the dirt in the crevices.

3. Putting the rattan furniture in dry space

The temperature of the environment greatly affects the rattan furniture. Customers should put these items in dry spaces. When the temperature is balanced, it will minimize the proliferation of harmful microorganisms and molds.

Rainwater is acidic, so it can cause rattan furniture to corrode. The intense sunlight from the sun can cause them to fade, quickly becoming old. Therefore, you should avoid these two agents. You also need to avoid water pouring directly on the surface of the product.

4. Repainting products with oil paint, varnish or PU paint

After a period of use, you can repaint the furniture with oil paint. Or glossy paint, PU paint depending on preferences. This way will help the rattan furniture to be more beautiful and new. Maximum protection from the possibility of attack by weevils.

Above are the secrets of preserving the furniture that we share with customers.

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