The art of making rattan cane, a cultural feature of Viet Nam

Rattan cane is environmentally friendly material which was known and used by many people. Vietnam is known as a country with a long tradition of making cane webbing. Today, this industry is still being preserved and developed, gaining a foothold in the world. Partner and I will introduce some basic information about rattan through the following article.

Rattan cane

Rattan cane

1. General overview of rattan cane craft

Rattan cane craft has existed for a long time in Vietnam in traditional craft villages. The main purpose is manking products for daily life such as rattan baskets, rattan chairs, rattan tables and other rattan products. Later, the craft villages are developing more and more, now there are more than 1000 villages making bamboo and rattan cane.

Products from bamboo and rattan are now more diverse, with many designs and types. All are meticulously handcrafted products, environmentally friendly, suitable for the living space of every family.

Rattan making is now bringing value to overseas export activities. It is not only promotes economic development but also introduces international Vietnamese culture to friends all over the world.

2. The source of raw materials to create quality rattan products

To create quality rattan cane products, it is impossible not to mention the abundant source of raw materials. The domestic raw materials are mainly from the northern mountainous provinces such as Son La, Hoa Binh, Bac Kan, Thai Nguyen,… the central region has Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh,… All rattan is exploited for preliminary processing and then transported to the production facility.

Da Nang is the land that Partner and I chooses to set up a workshop to produce high-quality handicrafts.

3. Important qualities for making rattan cane craft

In order to produce high-quality products, rattan craft villages need to have the following qualities:

– Understanding about the industry and cultural values ​​​​that rattan bring;

– Love the careful, meticulous, creative;

– Capable of making unique handmade products;

– Have quality input materials;

– …

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