Rattan Wall Decor That You Cannot Ignore

Natural rattan materials are increasingly used in home interior decoration. Some products from rattan material are: rattan chair, rattan dining chair, cane chair, rattan cabinet, woven chair,… These products you can completely design for your home space. One of the rattan decorations that you cannot miss is Rattan Wall Decor. Let’s explore with us.

1. Flower rattan wall decor

The wall of your home will be impressive with the flower rattan wall decor. They have diverse designs, many different shapes and colors, so they are suitable for many spaces.

These are delicately and carefully hand-knitted a’s. With skillful hands, the artisan has created different shapes through knitting. You can hang them on the wall as suggested above or wear them horizontally.

These are lovely rattan flowers, used to decorate the baby’s bedroom. You can choose this design for your daughter. Your baby will surely enjoy it. Because it is made from natural materials, non-toxic and does not affect your baby’s health, so you can rest assured.

2. Dreamcatcher from rattan cane

Rattan Wall Decor

A very pretty wall hanging and wall decoration item is a dreamcatcher. You can hang a dreamcatcher in your bedroom or your children’s. The lovely dreamcatchers both decorate the room and help you sleep better. Try to give your loved one a dreamcatcher from rattan cane with the meaning of wishing your loved one a good night’s sleep.

3. Hand-made rattan frame

A wall filled with family photos capturing memorable moments is a great suggestion.

Rattan Wall Decor

A wall filled with family photos capturing memorable moments is a great suggestion. Instead of using pre-made photo frames from plastic, wood or other materials, why not make your own picture frames from rattan? You can invite your parents and children to work together. Natural rattan material is easy to design, does not affect health. You can freely create photo frames of different sizes and shapes according to your preferences. I am sure your wall will be very impressive.

Create your own wall decorations from rattan!

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