Rattan bags for girls who love natural products

rattan bags

Rattan bags

Referring to rattan material, we are too familiar with furniture made from rattan such as rattan chair, rattan dining chair, cane chair, cane basket, rattan cabinet and other rattan furniture. Not only that, rattan bags are a very popular product today. Let’s explore the rattan bag with us.

1. Rattan bags for summer, rattan round bag

Rattan Bags


This is one of most favorite rattan bags. This bag has a circular design, knitted by natural rattan fibers, without chemicals. The meticulous and careful knitting lines make the bag sturdy. The bag has a sturdy zipper and a leather strap. The inside of the bag has a lining so you can store items such as phones, wallets,…

This bag is made of natural materials that are also convenient to use. You can take them anywhere you want. The bag is suitable when going out with friends, active when combining jeans and t-shirts. Or when going on a date with your boyfriend, combining a bag with a long skirt is also a good suggestion.

2. Rattan bag combined with leather

Rattan Bags

This bag is also meticulously handcrafted. The unique combination of rattan and leather material makes the bag both classic and modern, youthful and creative. The bag is compact so you can take it anywhere. If you are a lover of natural products then this is a suitable choice.

3. Handwoven Rattan vintage

This is a luxury bag model made from rattan material. Strong and even knit lines create ribbed lines for the bag. The box-shaped bag is convenient to use, you can store a lot of things. The handle of the bag is also made of rattan. This part is made sturdy, you can hold it by hand. In addition, the bag still has a long strap for those who like to wear a bag.
This bag you can bring to luxurious parties or to places to hang out with friends and relatives.

Above are some suggestions for rattan bag patterns for girls who love products from natural rattan materials. Get yourself a natural and convenient rattan bag right away.

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