Note when using rattan chairs people should know

Rattan chairs

Currently, the trend of applying traditional crafts to the throne, bamboo and rattan furniture becomes closer to the space of many families. Among them, rattan chairs are used a lot in the living room, dining room or garden. Not only bringing a very rustic and simple beauty, these chairs also contribute significantly to regulating the living space, bringing a feeling of comfort. So what are the notes when choosing rattan chair?

1. Choose the rattan chairs with clear origin

Because the rattan chair is made from natural materials – rattan material, you should also search carefully about origin and production information to choose. Where and how is the rattan chair made? This valuable information will help you choose the best quality cane chair. Moreover, if the rattan chairs are made from reputable craft villages, the quality will also be more assured.

2. Choose rattan chairs with sizes that are compatible with the space

A well-fitting cane chair will make the living space both cozy and luxurious. If your house is large, you should choose medium and large rattan sofa with unique designs. It will give the room a luxurious look and create a focal point for the space. If your house has a small area, rattan chairs with simple design and small size are the perfect choice.

3. Choose the right style

Currently, rattan chairs have a variety of designs: from simple designs to unique, sophisticated and luxurious designs,… You can freely choose according to your preferences and styles to suit your needs, fit your living space.

4. Choosing the color of rattan chair

Currently rattan products usually have two colors: natural color (more yellowish color) and white color (with bleached products). In addition, rattan products also have dark brown color, cockroach wing color, … because they have been painted. Rattan chairs are the same.

You need to consider the color of the wall, the color of the floor tiles, and then choose the color of the table and chairs accordingly. The colors of bamboo and rattan furniture are quite harmonious, so it is not too difficult to combine with different living spaces, so don’t worry too much.

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