Any product that wants to be used for a long time needs to be cleaned and stored properly. So

how to clean and storage rattan furniture
how to clean and storage rattan furniture
Like anyone from the 9x generation back to the 8x 7x. Then, when they were young, their grandparents used to have a rattan whip hanging at home, every time their children were spoiled, they would bring them out. Clouds are flexible, swishing is called sowing.
And there is a rattan whip that hangs there for many years, still as durable as usual
Then the nature of the trellis, the self-healing rattan will be the same. With rattan materials like now, it has been treated with sulfur and combed through a layer of oil, so the possibility of mold is quite difficult unless the house is extremely humid.
MATERIAL COMBINATION: These rattan products can be combined with many common materials these days such as: MDF, HDF, natural wood such as pine, ash, oak or walnut… Because rattan is a natural material and an emotional material, it is easy to combine with any material. Depending on your needs and budget, you can build up with the construction party, they will give you specific advice (Like the whole picture I posted below). In the next post, I will briefly talk about the prices of these items.
When people make this item, remember to pay attention a little bit: if the cloud has a phenomenon of straw, rays, it is because it has not been repaired properly. For this problem, if you work with rattan furniture such as cabinets, beds, shelves, etc., you should choose a standard rattan construction unit that is ok. As for the durability, you don’t have to worry.
How to maintain this rattan furniture?
When imported, rattan has been treated with 1 layer of oil. If you are careful and prefer to have more colors, you can work with the contractor to paint on a layer of oil, polish or PU paint, it has a very good protection effect on rattan furniture, minimizing the possibility of attack. of weevils.
And to avoid mold, this product should be kept in a dry environment for a bit.
The elders said, “Clean house is cool, clean bowl is delicious”. If you use this item, you will have to take care of it a bit, limiting the contact of rain water and chemicals. If it is, then wipe it off because it won’t absorb right away.
There is one more small problem is that someone said, “If you put your hand on this item, it will explode, but if you lean your shoulder on it, it will be damaged”. I would like to correct that this is not the case. If it flares up, it’s because the manufacturer is not sure. Otherwise, I still make a chair, so how can I press to find it?
How to clean this rattan furniture?
The nature of the lattice rattan has a low dust absorption capacity because the rattan has been treated with a layer of oil, and if painted on another layer of PU, the ability to hold dust will be very little. But for a long time, there will definitely be dust, so there are ways to clean as follows:
– Cleaning with a brush: An effective way to remove dirt not only on the surface but also between the small slots of the spokes. The advantage of rattan is that it is not easy to scratch and expose scratches like ordinary wood products, so you can use a brush for this material. In addition, you can use a damp cloth for periodic cleaning, but this method is only temporary because it cannot clean the crevices of the clouds or the small gaps between the spokes. Then to make sure that the rattan cleaning is completely cleaned, you need to use an additional vacuum cleaner to suck in the knitting slots that the brush cannot reach. Avoid using strong detergents for cleaning as it may damage the paint surface of the product. If you are a busy person and do not have time, you can clean the product once a month.
– In conditions of heavy rain and high humidity, the best way to preserve and clean bamboo and rattan furniture is to use salt water to clean and wipe the product. Salt can make rattan or bamboo fibers softer and more elastic.
– Just take a little time to preserve bamboo and rattan furniture every day, the product will always look like new. Thanks to that, your beloved home will be filled with life every day.
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