How do you get mold out of rattan furniture?

Today, the trend of using bamboo and rattan materials for home interior design is increasing because: low cost, easy to use, easy to maintain, school-friendly, but equally luxurious and sophisticated. However, if rattan products are used improperly, they can become moldy. How do you get mold out of rattan furniture? Follow the article below to find the solution.

How do you get mold out of rattan furniture?
How do you get mold out of rattan furniture?

1. Does rattan have mold?

Bamboo and rattan is a product made entirely from 100% natural, no chemicals. With this natural ingredient, they can easily become moldy when exposed to water or improperly stored. So that is why does wicker go mouldy? However, you are also completely assured because the problem of mold can be overcome.

2. How do you get mold out of rattan furniture?

– First of all, it is necessary to choose quality and reputable products. You should choose the type of rattan that is long, thin, and does not have a lot of color.

Poor quality rattan often has small fibers, poor elasticity, easy to break. When touching the product surface, rattan must be smooth and glossy, especially the joints are not rough or convex, not flat.

During use, it should be cleaned periodically. When cleaning, you can use a soft dry cloth to avoid scratching the surface.

– In addition, you can also use salt water to remove stains, make rattan fibers softer, avoid using detergents to clean, damaging rattan fibers. This furniture is usually suitable for indoor use. Avoid exposing them to water or sunlight.

– How do you get mold out of wicker? You should keep rattan products in cool places, avoid humid places, high humidity.

– Many people still wonder that “is rattan mold resistant?”. This is also due to the influence of the original rattan production process. Manufacturers can use anti-mold drugs at the right dosage. This completely eliminates the possibility of mold attack, keeps the natural color of the product and does not affect health.

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Above is some information about How do you get mold out of rattan furniture? Proper storage and use will help rattan products keep their durability and stay new.

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