DIY furniture from rattan material and some notes

Rattan material is widely used to design furniture in the home. Familiar products such as rattan bed, rattan chairs, rattan dining chair, rattan cabinet,… or candle holders,… can all be made from rattan. You can freely create your own products without having to be like any other product. However, when DIY furniture from rattan cane material, you need to pay attention to the following points:

DIY furniture

DIY furniture

1. DIY must be in harmony with other available one

In your house there are sure to be many different furnitures: tables and chairs, beds, bookshelves, etc. These furniture can be made from different materials. However, their overall approach is towards beautifying the house, there is a certain harmony and connection with each other. Therefore, when you design your own furniture from rattan must also pay attention to this issue.

Natural rattan materials are inherently easy to use, so you can choose from many different designs and styles to make the object you want. You should choose simple designs, in accordance with the overall existing furniture. You can also combine it with other materials such as fabric, leather, etc. Surely the item you design yourself will be great. A harmony with other furniture will make your room more beautiful and attractive. Self-designed rattan items will match the overall but still stand out because of the material and handmade.

2. DIY furniture must match the needs

Whether it’s self-designed or pre-purchased items, usability is what we have to pay attention to.
You plan to make a product placed in the bedroom, you can choose to make a small cabinet for the headboard or as a wall decoration. If you design your own furniture for the classroom, you can make a wall bookshelf,…
A product is most useful when it is used and used for its function. So you need to come up with an idea for your product to suit the needs of the room and yourself.

3. DIY furniture in colors and styles that match your style

This is one thing that you need to keep in mind when designing your own rattan furniture.
Currently, rattan has natural types (cockroach wing color, dark brown), bleached rattan (white color). With these two types, you can spray paint another color if you want. In addition, you can combine with other materials to make the product more outstanding.

Above are some notes when designing furniture from rattan by yourself. Hope you will design a product you like best.

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