5 DIY Rattan Projects Should Try For Your Living Space

DIY Rattan

Rattan is known to be a natural material that is easy to use to make your own. If you are a lover of natural products, like simplicity and sophistication, like to design your own furniture for your living space. Then these are some DIY rattan Projects you should try.

Besides familiar objects from rattan such as rattan chair, rattan dining chair, cane chair,… You can refer to the following DIY rattan items.

1. DIY Rattan mirror 

Let’s make the mirror more beautiful and unique than ever with the help of rattan webbing. You can choose the rattan spline to decorate around the mirror. You just need a little time with rattan webbing, glue, your mirror will be the highlight for the room.

2. Rattan candle holder

In the past, did you use glass candle holders or other fragile materials? Why don’t you try to design a candle holder out of a wicker curtain?

DIY Rattan

You just need to use a small rattan roll, candle glue to fix them, a finished candle holder.

3. Rattan Cabinet 

With simple objects such as cane webbing roll, wooden frames, nails, hammers, you can design a rattan cabinet according to your preferences. This cabinet has a simple design. Rattan blinds are easy to use, so you can easily shape the cabinet. A lovely decorative cabinet or shoe cabinet is also a suggestion.

4. DIY rattan headboard

Rattan material is also used a lot in the bedroom space because of its closeness and comfort. You can design rattan headboard by yourself according to your personal preferences.

DIY Rattan

If you love simplicity, here is a rattan design you can easily DIY.


DIY Rattan

If you like a unique bedroom space with accents, do not hesitate to choose this design. Surely your bedroom will be the most attractive place you want to enjoy comfort moments.

5. Wicker cabinet for kitchen

A sturdy, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean rattan cabinet is a perfect choice for your family kitchen. You can put cooking spices, pots and bowls here. Cooking in a kitchen with self-designed items like wicker cabinet is happiness.

Above are some suggestions for homemade rattan objects. You can create other things for your family from this natural material.

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