Rattan decor: Why not try for your wonderful living space?

Rattan decor, rattan material is decorative material that can be suitable for any space and time. The rattan curtain decoration is both solemn and sophisticated, but no less natural and close. Why don’t you try to refresh your living space with cane webbing?

1. Reasons to choose rattan decor

– Rattan blinds are natural materials, easy to use and environmentally friendly. Therefore, when decorating with rattan blinds, your living space will become fresher and more comfortable.
– You can easily create and design products from rattan blinds such as fruit baskets, chairs, dining tables, lamps, flowerpots,…
– High durability, easy to clean, easy to clean
These natural materials are durable, you just need to leave them in a cool place, limit moisture, they can be used for many years.

2. Ideas to decorate rattan cane

– Decorating the room according to the set

rattan decor
rattan decor
You can choose items made from rattan cane in different sizes to decorate, such as the flowerpot in the photo. This will make your room more special.
– The accessories of cane webbing hanging on the wall
A wall mirror, a dream catcher or a wall-mounted rattan dish are interesting suggestions for this type of rattan decor.

– Choose products from rattan material with unique designs such as chairs, tables and so on.

On the current market, there are many items, you can freely choose or request according to your own design.
Here are some suggestions you can refer to to decorate your living space. Or you can also order natural rattan rolls and DIY.

You can see the ratttan material and some products from rattan HERE or our booth at ESTY

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