Bamboo and Rattan – items never out of fashion

Modern design combined with traditional natural materials are factors that consumers preferred products made ​​from bamboo, rattan …
Luong Son District is a district in the key industrial development of Hoa Binh, in recent years, with thousands of hectares of agricultural land were withdrawn to build industrial zones (IZ), the area of ​​the golf course … agricultural land decreased significantly.Trained 3,200 students per yearLam Son and Hoa Son commune land 2 recovered most.

Private golf Lam Son Project accounted for one third of the communal area, about 500 displaced households. Hoa Son commune also has about 200 households, with 150 hectares of land were recovered as IP. Therefore, in addition to moving people to new places, to bring their children to work in the industrial park and vocational training for people, especially those with land acquisition are very concerned district authorities.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Te – Vice Chairman Luong Son district said: “The district has 3 IP with an area of ​​over 1,000 ha and 351ha golf course, so only about agricultural land and 9,000 ha of forest land 19.000ha. To solve the jobs for the people, every year we trained 3,200 students for careers such as: Garment, livestock, farming, embroidery, rattan … of course the majority of the school Members have a job. “Mr Qi said, the next time will be associated with the district vocational training centers, vocational schools to expand vocational training “hot” today, such as automotive repair, electronics, mechanics … the time associated with the company or enterprise to solve the output stage for students. bamboo and rattan village There house is … dollarsOne of the rapidly growing profession in Liangshan as bamboo and rattan. Only Hoa Son commune has 150 households profession, every day thousands of products.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu, (Happy Village) has both a master mechanic is collecting goods for export to foreign countries, said: “I do rattan since 2004, He picked up just as the normal product. In 2006, the society opened training classes rattan, available skilled teacher to teach the so far I have done all of the most sophisticated products. So familiar from previous relationship, so I got her purchasing you always, every week a car to go to America, Japan, Thailand … in exchange for dollars. “She said the test, as bamboo is not difficult, but to be of good enough standard export requires workers to be patient, ingenious, by only 1 is defective products returned the shipment. But how good is modest income, from 2-3 million VND / person / month. Currently, bamboo and rattan products are about 20-30 samples and the output is good, depending on what customers ordered goods that are made, such as bowls, plates, vases, flowers, furniture …

Ms. Phan Thi Thanh (Happy Village) the 5 mouths to feed but only 2 acres of fields, occupations should not be short of food every year. Since rattan apprenticeship, not eating enough that she was able to build the house and have to eat. “All her life was held where ever dollar bill. On shipping, that you Try holding a fist, I thought “hell money” should be told: Today 1st Where have you burned so many codes. Play it loudly told everyone that dollar. “Try not only her family, her bar, but also in rural Happiness booming thanks to dozens of households “change” taking … rattan dollars. Family Nguyen Thi Nang, Nguyen Thi Tinh have 3-4 workers each month collected more than 500 dollars “to the rain, the sun is not up to scratch”